Tuesday, August 15, 2006

my head is a swimmin......

With a ton of ideas... thats right, the mojo is flowing and I gotta roll with it... I always feel a little guilty though, like I should be cleaning our bedroom or playing with the little nuggets... but then I get a great idea and bam.... create stuff...
I really did finish submitting to all the big contests... even if something else comes up, I'm not gonna do it!
I'm taking a submitting break for a while from contests and DT and just focus on the two I'm on...
as the world scraps needs you.... please go and submit your layouts and pictures for the contest... or just visit with us on the message board... im lonely! lol
scrapsahoy will just explode people in September with some drastic changes which will knock those scrappin socks off of you ! Picture here is of Erin and Nicco at the zoo... so cute together!

Can't wait to fill you all in but for now , my lips are glued!

Here is a recent layout i did... enjoy!

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