Monday, September 04, 2006

tomorrow is a new day

and I can't believe my baby is starting K tomorrow... the first of many first days of school... so excited for her, her future, her education and so tonight I'am pondering all that she will encounter... and am secretely anxious for Wed when I will actually be by myself here in the house... so nice to have that... its been a challenging summer..
Poor Ryan, has a stomach ache or something... when you eat crayons, old playdoh and paper it does that! anyhow, he has been really ornery and throwing major tantrums... for no reason.. unlike him to get so angry ...
the good news is that he ate 3bites of steak and an entire taco (well, shell and meat) !!! we are making progress...
Lots of prayers for my family... each one has a challenge right now and even though we are so far away, I think of them often and pray for them
Off to charge the film battery... will post pics tomorrow... pray that all goes well for her!

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Anonymous said...

Hi It's you LOAD girl Janette.

I cried like a baby when my youngest little girl went to school. For the first two years it was hard when she went back to school in the Fall. NOW this year she is in grade 12. My baby! Every step of the way is wonderful. The teen age years are also a very special time. We are blessed with these childen which the Lord has given us to love! Hope your week gets better. Many HUGS ~Janette