Tuesday, November 14, 2006

so much catching up to do.....

Jon being gone is really knocking me over .... I get back up and then, boom!!!!!!so much to do!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH... once this house is done I can breathe again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hopefully we will be insulated by the weekend! that is hopefully!!!

looking forward to thanksgiving this year for some quiet time with family out here... nothing big, just eat and be together..always nice and good for my soul

i am missing all of you far away people so much though... think of you all often.

no new pics to post (unless you want to see the plumbing )
I swear jon takes a million pics of every detail possible!! lol

scrappin is busy busy ... I'm actually working on dec/jan projects now so my december won't be sooo stressful!

things always look up around my birthday and december is just around the corner...
1st snow, christmas carols, cookies, giving, such a nice time of year...

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