Monday, April 30, 2007

feeling alive

Spring is , after all, a time of renewal... so I'm in a good position to be starting over , so to speak...
The weather changes like my shoes... on one minute, off the next....that is New England for ya...
The sun is so powerful to me... I"m a different person when its shining through... gives me such energy its amazing...
Today I began getting myself more fit.... 5 weeks have passed since the miscarriage and surgery and I"m ready to begin anew....
Jon and I have increased our veggie/fruit intake and started switching to more lean meats, whole grains and high fiber foods...
I began doing a 1 mile walk 4 x week allowing me flexibility to just sit some days....
Once I get back up and around , I'll switch to 2 miles again... and try that daily!

The amazing Ali Edwards wrote in her blog today
"Want to join me in taking your life-temperature this week? Do you feel balanced? Do you feel alive? What small changes can you make to feel more alive and present? I'd love to read ways both big and small you have "
and she goes on and on with some beautiful and inspiring messages for us to re-check and take our life temperature...

I always have felt that balance was the key to everything in life... learning how to accept the bad with the good, enjoy the guilt at times and yet respect yourself and make sound decisions.... give and take... I have always tried to live by this motto, yet I think I can do better at accepting the good .. I have become a little cynical and put up a wall lately.
I am going to build myself up by allowing myself to be liked by first acknowledging to myself that I"m okay.
I will lose weight.
I will be liked by different kinds of people
I am an artist.
I create because I love.
You don't need money and a title to be someone important.
( THis one will be hard for me!)
I will breathe deeper
I will play harder.
I will laugh more
I am strong.
I hope you join me in renewing .... faith in myself, faith in each other, and starting to feel more alive..

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