Sunday, June 17, 2007


to daddy.... all the daddies out there!!!!!!! Even though I know my daddy won't read this cause he's afraid of going online and pressing a wrong button or something! lol cute little daddy... HOpe all the FAthers have a wonderful day... sit in their favorite chairs, remote by their sides... don't mow the lawn or fix anything... okay? Just relax, have a beer and watch anything you want on tv.... do a crossword puzzle... read the whole newspaper... just enjoy...

We are headed down to the Fauchers for a cook out.... (which isn't really fair considering that the dads usually do the cookout! lol) but its all good... papa just loves having the family all together!

Have a wonderful day all!


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Laura Fiore said...

My daddy is kinda the same way Kim...just let him play a game on the computer instead and he is really happy!!

Thanks for the comments on my blog...I thought I would come visit yours too. Love your header!!