Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the apple doesn't fall....

far from the tree.... Erin started Craft camp this week at Michaels... and can I tell you how bad it is that the instructors know me (regular customer! ) I should probably get a job there ! lol

She already made like 6 projects (pics to come later) and has three more days left... seriously fun for kids (and crafty mommies!)

I've been busy with Occupational and physical therapies for my myalgias... my spine is feeling stronger but i've been super dizzy... my PT did something today (literally put me in a head lock) and voila! don't feel dizzy anymore! lol warning:::::: DONT TRY IT AT HOME!

Finished my DT work for SCrapTalk.... we got to play around with the new BG Infuse line... I had this sad little pic of Erin ... very overwhelmed the night of her birthday... poor little chicky..
life can be hard sometimes!

more to come later...

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