Monday, July 30, 2007

so we had this fun little thread....

going over at ScrapTalk... and I thought I'd put my answers here since I"m not tagged that often...

1.what do you do all day?
I laugh everytime someone asks this question... its more like what don't I do... lets see.... kids, laundry, house, grocery, meals, cleaning up alot, emails, bills, more laundry, kids activities, cleaning up again... scrapping, shopping, playing,Ryans schedule etc, more laundry.. more meals... tv at night and if I"m not passed out.. I stay up and scrap

where do you work and live?I live in Barrington Rhode Island... ( I am now a true New ENglander..) originally from California and we also lived in Arizona and Texas)Before Kids, I was a Store Manager for GAp and Old Navy... at the height of my career I had 7 assistant managers and a staff of 100 that reported to me.. (now I can't get 1 husband and two kids to listen! )

how many kids do yo have running around or do yo have none?2 kids, 1 husband (sometimes I count him too! ) and a beagle named Getty

besides scrappin what else do you like to do?
I love playing with kids, going for walks, reading books, hanging out in book stores, shopping, organizing things, (Im a girl scout leader), living in nature... taking pictures..

what do you see your sellf doing in the next year or so?
kinda the same.. but this fall both kids will be in school full day so I"m thinking of taking some sewing classes or craft related job for the morning..I"m gonna get bored just taking care of the house... I'll probably volunteer at the schools too.I can't really work because my son has special needs and I need to be available to assist him the minute he gets home (and that is like a full time job.. he needs full time care!) Can't wait to get to know everyone else!
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so if you are reading this.... reply to me so I can find out about you!


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