Sunday, December 09, 2007

Peaceful Sunday

here at the Grassy Plain.... lots of laundry to catch up on but I decided to go through my entire craft room and re organize...!!! why oh why do I do this to torture myself like this... the busiest time of the year and I'm starting big projects like this!!!! yikes.....
but tomorrow is my birthday and I d like to say that I have nothing planned... but I"m booked solid with meetings, post office, cleaning, Curves workout, leaves, etc.... no fun being a grown up on your birthday....
but I will also head out and treat myself to a peppermint mocha at Starbucks!!! Be back tomorrow with some pictures of some recent projects that I"ve been busy working on (and why I've needed to re organize my craft room! lol)

1 comment:

NancyJones said...

so is it tomorrow already??? Im waiting for pics hahahahaha! THat peppermint starbucks thing sound s YUMMMMY