Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I"ve been a crazy creative fool...

which means that my other stuff is being semi- neglected but since Jon has been home last few days I just want to enjoy.. he is waiting for his call back and then I will be alone again :( so I"m kind of enjoying the routine break... who needs super clean floors and no dirty laundry, right? lol
I just got a box from the Diner with DT stuff and this months sponsor is Prima... oooo I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soooo want to dive in right now but since I"ve been creativing like crazy, I need to go feed my family!
Im also excitedly waiting the other DT box that should be coming right from Deja Views Scrap Talk current sponsor.. .that should be fun.. always love their stuff!

nothing visual to post today.. but will be back soon when I get all my creations uploaded and posted....

family is good, kids and dog well, Ryans hives are gone and he has been super happy, very talkative and it appears we have entered another period of growth for him... that is always wonderful to experience since they are so far and few between!

Hope you are all well...

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