Monday, January 14, 2008

kids are home today....

for a snow day! Unfortunately, its that big slushy heavy mixed bag of snow/sleet rain.... not the soft fluffy stuff... but its okay by me.... still looks prettier than viewing my million leaves I haven't picked up from fall (in the backyard) hopefully the snow will stick around for awhile as winter flew back in after last week of "spring"... crazy weather but just happy to have the winter back for awhile at least!

think it might be a scrappy day today!

Jons folks took us out to lunch yesterday and then treated the kids to a new toy at Ocean state Job lot so they are busy playing... I have some catching up to do scrappy wise.. been making cards but so much scrapping to do.... just the day for it! :)

posted above are some newest creations... enjoy



NancyJones said...

I want snow!!!! send me some! just send it down to the MOBILE area I will even take it close by haahhaahahhaaa

Bella wants snow so bad. They are calling for it back home and for north birmingham but that is WAY NORTH (3 hours) of me :(

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