Monday, February 11, 2008

CHA challenges

day three is up at:


one challenge a day from Saturday Feb 9th-tuesday 12th... and they are not due until feb 17th sunday so you have plenty of time to play!

challenges can be found under scrap talk

have you seen the new tool from making memories???
omgosh.. I am in love... I never did "buy into" any of the die cutting systems because I just couldn't see using them in a sophisticated way (the fonts and images were so juvenile and cute-sy) didn't really match an ecelectic style until i saw this!!!!!!

Making Memories blog

I spent the entire sunday cleaning out my kids rooms and closets... there is still soooo much /// too much stuff but I have 4 big bags of books and clothes to donate... love doing that... feels so freeing!
erins closet just needs to be labeled... I know it sounds anal of me but seriously, since I did it in my craft area, I have yet to find it a cluttered mess.. don't know why, but it works!

off to finish up some last minute laundry since ryan now ONLY wears active pants and white briefs... no more fun plaid boxers or khakis or jeans.. yikes! fussy little stinker!
jon and i are going out to lunch today since we haven't talked together other than "did you take the trash down" etc in over a month...then I hope to scrap this afternoon!



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