Sunday, March 09, 2008

where I been....

well, I had a sinus thingy all week.... and my fatigue kicked in.... really bad this time... severly tired... literally falling asleep the minute the kids would get on the bus and then I'd sleep til 11 ish am... get up, make lunch and then go back to the couch where I would just veg til it was time to walk up and get the bus.... so so tired... cannot even explain!
be back tomorrow (Monday) with lots of new projects.... I finally got a surge of energy Saturday and stayed up making some art! lol
Sunday I re decorated my studio too and its so purty... I need to add some things to the walls and then I ll take some pics and add em to my blog!
Hope everyone is getting some sleep for me! Even though we lose an hour with daylight savings, I still feel caught up... just having that extra hour of sunlight makes my day! Love this time of year!
See ya tomorrow when I can share some new stuff!


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