Saturday, July 12, 2008

and so it begins...

the craziness of summer is in full swing here.... we slapped a bunch of meat on the grill, invited some friends, sprayed mosquito spray all over and are having a great ole time....
tonight Jon's family arrives from Seattle, Indiana and Florida and I"m sure i"ll be blogging less and scrapping late (if at all) but I always look forward to the family being together ... makes me miss my family and wish we could all be togther too.
Jon's friend Dave is visiting (they live on the Cape) and we are enjoying how gorgeous and super tall their girls are ... Rachel is 10 and as tall as I am!!! No lie... but Dave is like 6"4 so guess thats why!
Ryan is hanging out during all the craziness.... he is so good... I feel so blessed at how great he does with all these crazy change of routines... sigh... its nice to visit, better go charge my batteries since I know Im gonna be a papparazzi nut this week! lol



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