Saturday, August 30, 2008

2 week deployment

and even though its only 2 weeks... every time I hear this... well, if you have ever sent a husband, wife, brother, loved one off to a more dangerous place than home.... well, you know what it feels like...

It could be 2 years like so many of my military wife friends online... so I can't really say anything.

He is headed to Texas (our ole stomping ground) and will probably sit in a motel for a few days to await the hurricane at which time they will get orders from a very dis organized Washington to head out nearby the storm disaster... set up make shift hospitals, transport sick and special needs patients, administer medicines and any other thing they can assist with...

Proud that he is so willing to jump in and help everyone in his way.

The kids start school this week and we are ready! (me, especially;)

WE have new backpacks, socks, shoes adn underwear. We are going to bed earlier, and taking walks, grilling and enjoying these last few days of summer!

I am on book three of the Twilight series.. Eclipse... and they are so good... I just cannot wait until the movie comes out.. I always loved the kid that played Cedric in Harry POtter.. okay, I had a major crush on him...and am soooo excited to see he was casted as Edward. He is a little different than I imagined Edward but I think I have always seen Angel (David Boreanaz) as my all time favorite vampire so to find a new Vampire replacement for me to have a crush on... hee hee.. i know... I have problems! lol

and of course, I can't leave without sharing a bit of craftiness... so when You've got to alter everything

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