Friday, August 22, 2008

taking care....

is what I've been doing... Jon has been sick all week and tending to him... he is kind of "needy" I will say, when he is sick! lol and so I've been busy filling drinks, handing him the thermometer and getting blankets! ;)

Erin has had play dates every day with our neighbor Bianca and they take turns eating over at each others house... I remember those long summer days and not wanting them to end... they are funny to watch both so serious and more like old ladies together than young girls!

Ryan is doing his thing! WE bought two new pairs of school shoes. He is getting ready to wrap up another LONG session of summer school... then he will be out next week aug 27-sept 3 when he will resume school. poor fella... not much of a break!

Erin begins Sept 2 and momma is more excited than she is I think! lol we got new backpacks lunchboxes socks, shoes .

I made them a nighttime and morning routine with pictures to follow. Hope this helps somewhat as we get back into a "routine" Its been great so far!

Leaving you all with some of my latest creations from the Lime Tart kits from August... I've been up way too late to get scrapping done... will be glad to have some "free" time (hee hee.. yeah right) while kids are in school!




Trisha said...

Your layouts are really nice!

Lisa said...

Beautiful layouts!

Kristin Charles said...

Hey Kim! This is Kristin (Carol's daughter:). She sent me a link to your blog. Gosh, your creations are gorgeous! As is your studio, your heart, your children. Thanks for sharing everything!

Hope to be in the area again one day soon! Give Erin and Ryan a hug from us. Much Love!