Tuesday, September 09, 2008

another late night...

and I am soooo paying for it this morning... Erin woke up to tell me that she has NO SCHOOL today... so thank GOD for COFFEE!!!!!!!! so Im feeling a bit like this guy.......

Its like the artist in me comes out at midnight and Im on a roll.... I started 4 layouts , some cards and a funky altered type project... (iM very excited about one of the layouts.. can't wait to share that one!)

Jon and I went hiking yesterday for about an hour... felt good to get back into the woods again.. and I forget just how long his legs are!! Can't tell you how many lonely hikes I"ve had on trails in the desert because even though I'm fast... Im no where near his 6'2" frame... and I just can't keep up with his strides ;) Time has made him more patient though... he even let me take a hour nap yesterday... hence why I stayed up til 2 am last night..I suppose!


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