Sunday, September 07, 2008

rough day for ry

some days he is just NOT happy and I don't mean moody and down... I mean full on AUTISTIC causing unconsolable... screaming, hitting himself, throwing things... bothered by the slightest of things... we walk on eggshells... (not really) but it feels like it... sigh... and been doing it since 4 am!

No problemo.. I only just went to bed at 2! I know... my own fault... but the creative bug hits me around midnight... and I"m on a roll... my studio is a MESS!!!

so what an exciting Sunday I have ahead of me ;)

On other notes.. I discovered some new bands and am really inspired by their music... I"ll see if I can post some links to their stuff later...

Also, I"ve been having these strong pulls to LA for some reason.... I haven't been home to California in years but I cannot get it out of my head!!! Just craving the west coast right now.

I did some scrapping last night... will share a few things today
Im also working on a few surprises that I can't share quite yet...
The sun is out today... the coffee is strong... and I"m off to write my "morning pages" in my journal

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Amy Wing said...

I'm SO with ya on the late-night inspiration thing... I need to clear off my table and get back to my late-night scrappin'! Sleep be damned.