Monday, November 03, 2008

Candy Candy Candy....

I feel like Garfield saying that! lol

A good time was had by all on Halloween

Victoria and the kids came over and we played in the front yard and got into a massive leaf fight!! AFter everyone was covered in leaves we went in to greet nana and papa and have Meatball sandwiches before venturing out for trick or treat...

Ryan did really great this year... he and Mia lasted about the same amount of time and we retired for homemade apple crisp over vanilla ice cream...

It was a very quiet Halloween though this year... Erin and Jon did the entire neighborhood... Jon finally had her call it quits when she couldn't carry her bag anymore!!!

WE have tooooo much candy leftover ... IM just waiting for the word of the charity organizations that ask for them... before I go through it all and donate it to Tap In... Just too much I tell ya!

I packaged up my Halloween craft stuff back into stock and am looking ahead to xmas already... ooo it moves quick.. Im hoping to make too much holiday stuff so I don't need to panic so much next year... I've learned my lesson!

Here are some pics from Friday/Halloween!


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