Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Little Word

Every year I participate in this with several from the scrapbook community... Ali has been doing this for 3 years and I love the idea...
I have chosen words such as Dream, Integrate and take action... ideas that have guided my personal goals, directed my sails and helped me focus on being my best.
For 2010, the word I have chosen is FEARLESS.
As I enter my last year of being 30 something... I want to embrace all that I can achieve, dream and do without questioning, and worrying. I want to face fear, light my way and overcome obstacles that are keeping me from achieving everything that I want to accomplish in life.
If you get the chance... head over to her blog (linked "this") and read all about it... then go choose your word and play along... A great start to a new year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


time with visiting family, playing lots of Wii...eating lots, sleeping in, pj's and sweats, messy house and lots of laundry to do... WE are enjoying our break of no school and work ;).
and playing with my favorite new toy..... a new camera from Santa.... with a telephoto this which is making me very very happy (;

I will be back tomorrow with my ONe Little Word for 2010.....

peace ,

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

to all my blog friends, my family and all of you in the scrapbook and autism communities. I feel blessed to be surrounded with such support and love.
I just want to wish you all a blessed Christmas and a happy and Healthy New Year!
Enjoy this time with your families and loved ones!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


coming up for a bit of air and I thought I could share a few things with you all today...
This precious little birdie was given some pretty glitter and a sweet little berry to hold while it sits on this frosty branch. The log is actually an altered paper towel holder
He sits in my studio reminding me of the gentle nature of life and to slow down this busy season just a bit..

The other day we woke up to a huge blizzard! I was a bit trapped in the past few days so I had Jon running around town doing last minute shopping etc...
That allowed me to stay inside and wrap, bake, write and get a bit caught up!!
Isn't snow wonderful? I never get tired of seeing it... well, by March.. I will be wishing I was back in California!! lol



Wednesday, December 16, 2009

swept away

in all the hustle and bustle of the holidays.... I have wrapped and shipped all my out of town gifts... phew...
addressed and mailed all the Christmas cards
had one to many (nonsense.. no such thing ;) ) peppermint mochas at Starbucks
with an IEP for Ryan , some evaluation team meetings and several doctors appointments thrown in for good measure ;)
TOday, Jon is home and I sent him out in the bitter cold with lists... to finish last minute gifts for his family, bus drivers, paper carrier etc...
Ryan is home with a fever so I am playing nurse and momma and that is a ok... I needed a day to just get caught up with laundry, dinner planning, etc.. all the other fun things that occupy my time
I can now clean up my studio too now that the big bulk of messes/projects are done!!
Next time I sit to create.. it will be for fun!
In the mean time... you can see some cards I created for the Right at HOme blog here
peace and lots of deep breaths my friends,

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Holiday Tags

I am always so inspired by that talented artistic
Tim Holtz...
Every year on his blog he does these 12 tags of Christmas... well, this year, I was so inspired I sat down and made some tags whichI then added to the card fronts...
had fun with this.. and will hopefully get to play around and make some more.. you can check out his awesome creations and directions for tag fun here on his blog

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

awhile back

I altered these little playing cards with some random photos of my life . Because they are from the 70's and 80's and had been stuck in a magnetic album, some were discolored and torn so altering them to smaller size was perfect.
The other night I finished altering this little tin to store them in...
Its like a little package of my life ;)
the one of my daddy and I cracks me up.. he is so cute!
Happy Tuesday

Monday, December 07, 2009

Oh What Fun

it is to ride... I have Christmas carols stuck in my head... ;) We had a great weekend... got to see our first snow of the season... and being New England.. many more to come, Im sure!!
A bunch of Christmas presents from my dad and brother are arriving... we do alot through Amazon so it looks like a wherehouse upstairs!!

I actually sat and scrapped too... not just altered stuff or cards... but real scrapbook pages.. lol lately, rare for me...
Here is my latest.. using Pink Paislee papers from their Mistle toe collection...

Picture is of Erin... a few years back... after a long day of holiday playing and fun.. she conked out in front of the tree!! so cute

Happy Monday my friends!!!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Embellishment kits

are in the store... they are pretty cute and great for those of us that have too much paper!!
I do have some kits with papers as well in the paper craft kits section of the store


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Sneak Peek

of what is to come on December 15th...
in the mean time, head on over to Artz de Scrap and play along with the gals who are altering matchboxes this month... they are cute cute!!!
This elf is busy today ;)

Happy Wednesday my friends.. don't forget to watch Glee tonight.. it will put a smile on your face!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hope everyone

had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was simple and quiet. Jon had to work so we had a quick lunch (full meal though) at Nana and Papa's... I always enjoy sitting down with them for a grande meal. She puts so much hard work into it and I always appreciate them and all they do for us.
Now that the Thanksgiving day has passed... as a crafter, that can only mean one thing... panic!! rofl
I have begun some holiday cards but am up to my ears in glass glitter, fiberfill stuffing and vintage ornaments... will share with you all later ;)
Until then, here is my newest love I recently did...I have been creating a bunch of book marks like these are home decor?? just hung in my studio to cheer me up and inspire me.
will share a few more later...
PS. Don't forget to check out the post below for details on a cardmaking contest using a sketch.. great prize of kit and guest design team opportunity!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CONTEST at Little Shabby Box

Our Contest Info:

We are so very excited to bring you our first ever Card Contest. We are hoping that a lot of you will join in on the fun and we can't wait to be inspired by you all. So lets move on to the details.

The Little Shabby Box Card Contest...
Who: Anyone who loves making cards (yes even overseas)
When: November 24th - December 14th 2009
What: Create 2 Brand New never seen before cards based off of the 2 sketches below. Post them on your blog or gallery with "The little shabby box card contest" in the details and link them to the Mr. Linky box listed on our blog under "card contest" with your Name. Please list them at the same time so it's easier for us to see both of your cards. (example Jane card #1, Jane card #2) If you put them both in one blog post that is even better. (example Jane Cards 1-2). Please be sure to post your cards by midnight PST December 14th 2009.

Now for the good stuff. We will be giving away 3 prize packages.

First place winner will win 3 months of our main kits, but you get to pick the months that you want. That's right. When you see a kit that you like send us an e-mail letting us know that you want it and we will generate a coupon for you for the price of the kit. (since our kits are different prices this is the best way.) Plus you will be a Guest Designer for us in January 2010.

Second place winner will win 2 months of our main kits and you also get to pick the months that you want. When you see a kit that you like send us an e-mail letting us know that you want it and we will generate a coupon for you for the price of the kit. (since our kits are different prices this is the best way.) Plus you will be a Guest Designer for us in February 2010.

Third place winner will win a free main kit and you also get to pick the kit that you want. When you see a kit that you like send us an e-mail letting us know that you want it and we will generate a coupon for you for the price of the kit. (since our kits are different prices this is the best way.) Plus you will be a Guest Designer for us in March 2010.

Winners will be announced on Dec 18th 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I"ve gathered

all my winter and Christmas type things onto my desk and hope to just have a huge craft session over the next week... It would be great if I don't actually have to put any of it back and be able to start fresh next year... here's hoping at least! ;)
I spent the morning punching die cuts with my original Sizzix since my Big Kick kicked the bucket over the weekend... Im seriously bummed because the original one hurts my hand after awhile and I cannot use my BIGZ dies on them!!! I wrote Sizzix/Ellison, hoping to see if they sell extra parts ( All I need is a replacement gear ) and the unit will be fine but bleh... until then.. Im handcutting them with my original
I have also brought out my sewing machine and am going to self teach myself how to sew... so practice practice practice...
Does anyone have any tips for threading/esp the bobbins... that is the part I get hung up on... I follow the directions but then... after a few rows of stitching... it backs up????
I really need to have someone just watch me to see what Im doing wrong??
Off to teach at ERins School for Writers Workshop and have a chat with the crayfish that is about to come home with us as a new pet.. Im going give him the rules! lol

Monday, November 23, 2009

Movin and Shakin

things around in my little ETSY store... getting it loaded for the big shopping weekend!!
Lots of supplies added too so my crafty friends can take advantage... makes great stocking stuffer/Kris Kringle type gifts... lots of items under 2!! The link for my store is to the left ;)

Here is a beginning of some cards ... a flood is about to happen! lol but today.. just these two
to share... working on more today to build up for the holidays ;)
Happy Monday

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

is anyone else?

beginning to feel majorly stressed???? and Thanksgiving is still a week away!!!! Yikes!
I have been so busy its not even funny.. and I have never felt this stressed so early in November like this... oy... so Today I will share a album I did for Artz de Scrap November project... It was to alter postcards into an album...
Of course, me , being me... had a zillion and one random postcards... San Francisco, U of A, Disney etc.. and I didn't want to completely cover them up because they were meaningful to me but wanted to let the places I've been show through a bit.. so I painted over them lightly and sanded off the sections I wanted to keep and did a album documenting all things and places I am grateful for... something I need to read and re-read during this turbulent time.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Design team projects

have been keeping me busy ;) and that is good!

FIrst... I am so excited to link you to the awesome card kit that just went up yesterday at THe Little Shabby Box... so great for holiday or just thank you 's etc... Its called the Be Merry kit and you can check it out here... Little Shabby Box blog... and the link to the store/site is on the blog to the right....

Second: Our November tutorial is up on the Artz de Scrap blog... the projects are stunning!!! It was probably the hardest one I ever done but Im so glad to have completed it... I may try to make another to give as a gift... directions for this on the blog

I'll be back tomorrow with some fun projects to share!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Artz de Scrap

tutorial for October was to create a handmade tic tac toe set.
I had this case from Stampin Up stamps... I wanted something light that we could take with us in the car... I also wanted it super simple (no extra bells and whistles) lol so that I could let the kids play with it for travel...
I used some papers from Lily Bee and found a huge butterfly from the craft store for the front...
American Crafts thickers had a fun playful font and painted the bottle caps brown
The insert is an old coin holder that i cut in a section to fit into the case... worked perfect to hold the game pieces/bottlecaps!!

You can see everyone elses takes here

Artz de Scrap mid month tutorial

Monday, November 09, 2009

Happy 10th Ryan

age 6

age 8

age 10

My boy.. .growing up so so fast... Thank you for teaching me lessons everyday about life, acceptance, change, organization and compassion!!
Have a day full of circus school, roller coasters, books, cake and all your favorite things!!
Love you little fella....
Love mom

Friday, November 06, 2009

Its Beginning to Look alot like

well, okay, not really.. but you get what I mean ;)

These went up in my ETSY ... much more to come


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Yellow all around

me.. I'm not sure if its the dark dreary skies or the thought that ole Jack Frost is right around the corner but lately, I have been using alot of yellow in my projects... love how cheery, and homey it makes things looks...

Do you have a preferred color sometimes? I'm curious if other people have "streaks" like this as well?

This is my latest.. a card, a scrap (handmade embellishment) for my store and a layout.. all using this warm, fun color....


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Now that November is here... its time for me to purge, clean, re organize again ... every season I do this to make room for all the new goodies that will go into my shop and cover my walls here in the studio.....
Here are a few new goods that snuck in to the shop over the weekend

and of course... more to come soon ;)