Wednesday, January 07, 2009

why is it?????

Taking me so darn long so far this month to get with the program....??? I just can't make a layout to save my life....

I should be getting some new "stuff" for design team assignments and I have the pictures already pulled, ideas sketched etc for that but I can't seem to do any "just because layouts" hmmmm??? what is going on?

On the home front, I am busy nesting, cleaning, purging, organizing etc... going through cupboard by cupboard and seeing what I own, and trying and using up my stuff... we have just collected way too much stuff....

In the meantime... how bout some pics from the holidays since I have nothing creative to share!
3.Erin had fun with her cousin Sydney..... 2.Jon grew out a goatee and stache from his "unemployment" status... (thankfully now is clean shaven!) Erin decided she wanted to look like daddy! lol 1. The cousins group picture... Erin had a bit of attitude by the time this was taken... ahhhhh girls! ;)

Peace and I will be back soon!


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Suzie Webb said...

I am SOO in the same boat Kim...I can't put a layout together for anything....maybe because my studio is a mess.....I WANT to do something....maybe we should challenge each other??? :)