Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Love day!!!!!

What are you all doing to celebrate your loved ones today????
WE are relaxing, playing and enjoying Saturday. I gave my kids their little bags with some candy and a lovey animal... a book for Ryan called" Violets are blue,Roses are pink... your feet are big and they really stink! "
He loved it! ;)
Jon and I went to Olive Garden for lunch yesterday... as we sat down to eat he says " I hope this counts as a Valentine for you"... :( (Isn't he romantic?) ;) big goof... He has a Reeses peanut butter treat waiting for him when he gets home..
I guess I should think of a special dinner to cook but Im just not motivated lol
Hope everyone enjoys there Saturday today... the sun gives me hope despite the cold temps... Spring is just behind those clouds... can you feel it?

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