Wednesday, May 20, 2009

so over

this flu!!!!!!!I've been flat on my back for the last week with the flu.. yuck!!
and today and next few great weather is headed out this way..I have a friend who is an excellent meterologist!! rofl well, not literally but she is damn good!!
so I did manage to sit here and type this without passing out so Im sharing a few more creative projects and a quote I had on my My space blog the other day.. dedicated to a very overworked and needs to be pampered friend...
and then Im off for another nap... just in case ;
tomorrow I'll come on with some movie reviews.. been getting caught up with every girlie type movie out there... who knew there were so many... but thanks to my mother in law being out of work.. she and I are on a marathon!
so lots of reviews coming your way.. aren't you excited?? rofl
okay.. that is the nyquil making me talk silly.. better get to posting some creative stuff already before I get really giddy! ;
a pretty card made out of Prima packaging!
a layout using up a ton of old old stuff.. ! and admitting that I make stuff up is the first step...

a boyish card since two very sweet fella boys in my life just recently had May birthdays......

anyways... that is it for now... more later.. IM feeling a bit dizzy!! lol
peacefor my friends... who I miss since they have become so very busy... lets just all run away together, shall we??


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