Wednesday, July 01, 2009

6 Flags New England

was very fun... I always have fun at Amusement Parks... so many happy people there just being with family, friends... good times...
I spent most of the day with my friend Melinda and Ryan who did NOT want to go on any rides.... but he was so happy and content to just sit, watch others, drink lots and enjoy the day... while Jon, Dave, Erin, Rachel and Brooke defeated the monster rides, long lines and crazy brave jumpee things.. I swear I was NEVER that brave at 10!!!
I love roller coasters myself but have pretty much done them all and Melinda doesnt' like riding ANY.. so I stayed with them to take photographs, talk, drink, chat, walk, shop, etc... we still laughed alot, and caught up!

Above are some of my key shots from the day!

We were exhausted at the end of the day... boy, I' m getting old!! rofl


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