Sunday, September 20, 2009

so much

on my mind lately.... with the kids back in school and Jon back at work (after a nice 4 weeks) I am patiently planning out my strategy to reclaim my life back a little...
I really try to enjoy and relax but when Jon or the kids are here.. my system just gets so thrown off...
so I have been planning... a weeks worth of dinners, meetings, volunteer stuff, girl scouts etc. so that this week can be really all mine... and let me tell you.. I will fill those hours in... It amazes me how much I do in a week for a "non working" mom ;)
Today we had a birthday party at Dave and Busters and I am tired!! That place exhausts me..
so we are now unwinding, doing a bit of laundry, showers and getting ready to begin again this week

Posted is a school type layout I did with the Noel Mignon September kit... I am just sitting down to play around with aug/sept kits I ordered... next up.. Halloween and fall stuff... cannot wait!

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