Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I"ve gathered

all my winter and Christmas type things onto my desk and hope to just have a huge craft session over the next week... It would be great if I don't actually have to put any of it back and be able to start fresh next year... here's hoping at least! ;)
I spent the morning punching die cuts with my original Sizzix since my Big Kick kicked the bucket over the weekend... Im seriously bummed because the original one hurts my hand after awhile and I cannot use my BIGZ dies on them!!! I wrote Sizzix/Ellison, hoping to see if they sell extra parts ( All I need is a replacement gear ) and the unit will be fine but bleh... until then.. Im handcutting them with my original
I have also brought out my sewing machine and am going to self teach myself how to sew... so practice practice practice...
Does anyone have any tips for threading/esp the bobbins... that is the part I get hung up on... I follow the directions but then... after a few rows of stitching... it backs up????
I really need to have someone just watch me to see what Im doing wrong??
Off to teach at ERins School for Writers Workshop and have a chat with the crayfish that is about to come home with us as a new pet.. Im going give him the rules! lol


Anonymous said...

hi kim,

each machine is different, but i will tell you that i've had a problem that sounds like what YOU are having when i haven't SNAPPED the bobbin in. on most machines, the bobbin will go in several ways, but the only RIGHT way is when you hear a SNAP! Sometimes the bobbin case has a tab that you have to lift up when you insert it.

don't know if that will help or not!

Linda Beeson said...

That sounds like a serious craft session - I want to come! As for the sewing, it would help to have someone watch. Just putting it in the machine the wrong way makes a difference.