Monday, January 25, 2010


 AS I tend to the sick... my house is currently in quarantine.. (by me ;)) as both kiddos and the big man himself are laying around figthing some evil stomach bug that has hit us good... in between my washing sheets, making chicken soup and disinfecting everything lol I am checking out the new stuff at CHA...

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS!!!  I am so happy to have my Sizzix fixed...and BLUE Moon Scrapbooking will get this in March...check it out!!!! and spread the word.... I cannot wait

also, while you are there... check out their gorgeous kits... I just ordered this one Hugs and Kisses and this one
My Sweet Love  sigh! and I can't stop playing!!!!!!!!!!
Plus they have a ton of misters and Prima goodies... gorgeous stuff, I tell ya!!
Now off to spread the word about this new Sizzix and see if I can find some new videos on You Tube!

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