Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haven't been

ignoring you all... I spent many a day and finally re worked my studio! I am very happy... even though it is still a bit cluttered... there is actually sense made and I can and have been readily creating ;)
A bit jealous today of those of you headed to California for CHA... One of these years, I will make the trip, hopefully or at least have some product or designs represented for someone... its my dream and personal wish.

Jon has been home a lot this week, which is always a blessing as well. He did pick up his passport (which was expedited) in case he is called to assist in Haiti. I will not even begin to think or worry of it until we get that call ;

I checked out some video biographies at the library of some of my favorite artists.... I started with impressionists, Pissarro, Van Gogh, Cassat, Seurat, Monet etc.... so intriguing and very very inspiring...
I have always felt an intense connection with artists and am enjoying exploring their worlds.
Been doing lots of wedding, love and baby cards... here are a couple to share....
The baby one is using some Making Memories Vintage stuff that is all on clearance in M;s....Im surprised they had anything left as I had been buying it in bulk.. loved loved it!

This congrats card just used some random chip pieces I had laying around.... Im so into brown, beige, cream and grey...guess I find inspiration even in the cloudy days of winter!! ;)
Have a great one


Pamela said...

Fabulous cards! :)

Chrispea said...

Great cards!! I just cleaned up my scrap space a bit and now I'm ready to get in there and mess it up!

Casey Wright said...

Beautiful cards!

Sarah Lou said...

Oh that babies card just makes my heart smile~ So sweet!!