Wednesday, January 06, 2010

In the future

I will read books that I find entertaining as well as "necessity" book reading

I will learn to sew!!

I will sing for everyone to hear and not hide behind my insecurity.

I will play till the point of giggly laughter

I will lose 10 pounds (at least)

These are just a few of the "goals" or resolutions I have created using my One Little Word as a source of inspiration.
I had created this layout awhile back and liked that it needed no picture... I had already set my goals before I realized it would guide me to choose my word of 2010. Funny how things fall into place!
So while sitting with my sister in law the other day, I was jotting down some goals here in my planner which became the journaling for the layout.
I am excited to have some new things to focus on and with a brave fresh perspective on life... I am off to begin living fearless... in the now


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