Monday, January 18, 2010

Reflective today

which I assume is appropriate as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr day. As a life long proponent of peace and resolution, I suppose today can be quiet and still (except with my kiddos home, that is not very possible ) ;)
Over the weekend, I completely re organized the mud room/studio... giving it a freshening up... a dusting off and a spruce.... It feels more like a workable office once again and I have ( of course) awakened the sleeping creative giant... nothing like a new environment or clean desk to make you want to work, huh?

I leave you today with a layout... pics are from summer 08 ... using up some old papers and such I found

Peace and I hope you all take some time today to reflect.


Lisa Dorsey said...

Love that layout. Very cool flowers Kim! So need to work on my craft room too!

Marcie said...

Fantastic layout! Love all the dimension!