Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RIP small claw

Erin's school science unit was studying cray fish. At the end of the unit during the Fall we were "lucky" enough :) to have won the lottery to take home a crayfish to have as a pet. He was a cute little fella though. Originally we put him in the large aquarium with Bubbles , her Japanese goldfish and that didn't go over too well. Usually they are scavengers and eat dead things, plants, cat food, anything really.. well, this guy thought Bubbles was more delicious. After a traumatizing care tank, lots of patience by mommy and some miracle, Bubbles survived and is now the ONLY one in the acquarium!! lol
Small Claw (the crayfish) earned his own habitat with plenty of rocks and dark hiding spaces. OF the entire class units, he was one of the 12 still living in March.... April 15, he went on to the fishbowl in the sky somewhere.
She actually adjusted well, I guess after you lose a fish and then your beloved dog within 6 months of each other, she is finally beginning to understand how precious our life is.
She came home from the library yesterday with a book called "How to care for your pet Ferret"
Lord  help me!  ;)



ellen s. said...

awe! teaching those things to our kids is rough...i love your pic! he is cute..though one of them bit my toe once and it hurt like MAD, LOL

rest well small claw!

Pamela said...

Oh no!! (Ferret) :) Hang in there!

Marlene said...

We used to "go fishing" for crayfish at the local creek when I was a kid. Kept him in a bowl for a day or two, and then let him go again. Interesting creatures. So sorry yours died. :( (I couldn't help but giggle though when I read what happened to throwing him in with Bubbles....I knew what was coming next!)

Lynn said...

omg! good luck w/the whole pet thing. lol!!