Monday, April 12, 2010


has finally sprung here in New England! I can't be happier... we have 80 degree days and then a day following at 50 degrees for a high... LOVE New England's inconsistent weather!! rofl
I have a page of me as a teeny girl with my momma, daddy and brother way back when... I think this is circa 1974.
I just love these old pics.. I snagged a bunch out of those nasty magnetic albums last time I was at my dads and used some fun vintage stuff I had been hoarding.
I love this turquoise color too... so 70's!!!
Hope to be back this week... I just listened to the latest version of the Paperclipping web isode and loved it... inspired me to sit down and get the stories told.. sometimes I get so stuck in artistic pages and I thats when I need a kick to get back to getting the journaling down , adding pics and letting the product go after.. kwim?

If you guys love the industry, you should try and give them a listen.. many of the episodes are free (those are the ones I listen too) and they are easily done as a pod cast through i tunes.. easy peasy
You can find more information here at their website Paper Clipping Roundtable

off to run errands on this sunny MOnday morning...

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Marlene said...

Fantastic layout!!! I just love seeing "older" photos on layouts these days. So beautiful.