Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

and all that jazz... lol
Usually, mothers day's for me consist of laundry, cleaning, running around etc... no different than any other day lol but since Erin has grown more I notice her wanting to pamper me, encourages Jon to go out and "get" me something lol I always enjoy the handmade gifts.. .only if you are a mother do you truly appreciate the poems, sweet little handwriting and thought that goes into creating something and "hoping" with all their heart that you just love it!! Its very sweet and I cherish those gifts most!
I had done this page recently... its a bit "real" but since Mothers day (for most of us is....) I thought I would share this today...
 Hope all you mommies..... have a wonderful day, whether you get the whole day to play, or whether you have to work... take a few moments to yourself to enjoy and be thankful for the greatest job in the world.



Linda Beeson said...

Your layout is so pretty, really fitting to Mother's Day.

ellen s. said...

what a gorgeous page! happy mother's day...i think that is very sweet what erin does ;)

Marlene said...

Wow - this is beautiful! I hope you had a very Happy Mother's day!

Kristin said...

happy mother's day, kim! enjoy!