Saturday, July 17, 2010


just flies when we are having fun... doesn't it?  Throw in a intensive reaction to Erin's psoriasis flaring up and AT ITS worst.. .poor baby... her entire body was covered by plaques/scales... even her scalp, ears etc... its like a bad bad case of poison ivy or chicken pocks with no medicine to treat!!
We are actually spending 3 days a week in the UVB/light therapy lab at Rhode Island Hospital. The nurses there are so knowledgeable and since she is so young, they just pamper her and make us feel like guests.
Monday and Tuesday this week we will be doing "Day Care" up there which means we go up around 8 am... stay there ALL day so they can treat her like royalty (lol... not really) they will be giving her Aveeno bathes, wrapping her scaly arms and legs in saran wrap after applying the medicated creams etc...
I will be basically chaperoning and keeping her company in between her "treatments"
She is always so exhausted so I probably will be taking great care of her next week...playing nurse mommy and napping myself in between her sessions.
Speaking of Erin being exhausted, I do have a layout to share. This was done last week for Studio Calico's challenge by Stephanie H... I scraplifted a fellow member Mel B... also from 2 peas.. ;) 
I will try and check in next week... wish us luck, say prayers and be back soon

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