Sunday, July 25, 2010

this stinky summer

well, it could be worse... we could have kids with more serious illnesses... I know... I know... so I will refrain from griping,complaining, crying and moaning here on the blog... and put it in my journal instead.
WE were at Day Care from 8 am til about 3 every day... and it is tedious... Considering Erin is only 9, she is a real trooper... letting the nurses and myself, add the topicals, cleanse her skin, scrape her scalp, etc...She has made significant progress but still has a ways to go before she is considered free and clear and back to healthy skin... sigh... one day at a time.

Of course any of you familiar with ASD know... that while we take care of Erin's psoriasis... changing the schedule has MAJORLY affected Ryan as well... NOT a HAPPY boy at all... waking at night, wetting the bed, not eating, hitting, crying etc... all stuff I feel like doing myself! lol
Woes me.. lol I said I wasn't gonna complain and look at me go!!

On to something crafty... well... sort of... I am going to share some of my favorite summer pics.I am participating in Big Picture's class Picture Summer... Here are some of my favorite shots from this summer... see, it hasn't all been a wash out!

and more to another week... this week, I am taking up the laptop so I can try and keep up with my blog readers and check out their blogs... I've been missing out on some things, Im sure!

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