Monday, October 04, 2010

Devastating Loss

Our laptop has been destroyed! Seriously.. all our photos, all my work, our trips, experiences, journals, art, I have been like a lost little lamb lately.. trying to find my stupid place in this world. Confused by the reality of life and creating this other life I so desperately wanted to escape into.
In every great story there is a leading man. Mine is no exception.
Not only was he able to jump into my fairy tale and stand by my side he has helped to show me how I can live both lives with him at my side.
We have ordered a new lap top, I am back on facebook where the people whom I love most are and slowly but surely, attempting to allow some of the fairy tale characters into our very unique and mostly private world.
Private, as Im finding, only by our own accord. As it turns out, being completely open with everyone about who you are as a total person is truly the only healthy way to live.
Please don't start freaking out on me family and friends.. as i KNOW many of you willworry etc.. EVERYTHING is GREAT ;) I have been good.. this story is more metaphorical than anything.. me.. trying to be deep ;)

Anyways Im sorry I haven't blogged I look forward to gaining back some followers and for those that stayed I heart you all and look forward to catching up on all your lives ...


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