Sunday, December 05, 2010

Caroling Caroling

through the snow, Christmas bells are ringing!  I cannot stop singing along . I never realized just how many Christmas songs I know the words to and have sung at the top of my lungs since I was a kid. All those years of performing for the senior centers and convalescent homes while I was in St Agnes elementary school. I really am blessed to have experienced feeling the true meaning of Christmas, giving time and entertainment to others .. it cost nothing but we spent days practicing and perfecting those performances all to see sheer joy and happiness on their faces for the brief time we entertained.  A small fruit punch juice box and cheap cookie was our token of thanks and yet even as a child, I remembered never caring for the party. We literally all enjoyed the performances, making them happy.
Now as an adult, those songs bring back so many happy memories. So we are caroling here while decorating the tree and eating cookies. Looking for a senior center or hospital we can take the girl scouts or just my kids to.. to share some joy and bring hope and happiness to some lonely few. A reminder of the humble Lord and reason we celebrate this precious day.
Sharing some latest round of cards before I address a ton this week and get them sent off.
Encourage yourself to listen to the tunes this week. Hear the lyrics, feel the meanings and find one that will lead to happy Christmas memories .

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