Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Forgive me if you hear me squeal, lol... I usually don't do the whole pinch me, I must be dreaming thing.. but this news is too good not to share at the top of my lungs and with plenty of smilies ;) LOL.

I was asked to be a part of "Donna Salazar Designs Design Team 2011-2012" My first Manufacturer DT gig! I am so honored, excited and ready to get to work! We have spent the last few days getting to know each other a bit.. Here is the link to the announcement on her blog  Donna Salazar  and you can get links to their blogs and read their amazing bios!
What a great, exciting and fun year this will be.

Donna Salazar Designs 2011-2012 Design Team:

USA Peeps:

Audrey Petit

Cheryl Waters

Jennifer Priest

Karen Taylor

Kim Faucher

Natasha Narajo Aguirre

Sarah Mulanix

Wendy Morris

International Peeps:

Jessy Christopher

Kim Sonsken

Monika Martinson

and a new position to a very talented young man. We will be seeing quite a bit of him doing great things in this industry, I imagine!

Mentorship Program:

Drew Scott

such an amazing day.  Donna creates great designs and products for GCD designs, Clearsnap and Spellbinders  so it will be an opportunity to work with these great products and get to know these companies as well. Thanks so much for the opportunity Donna!



Sandi Smith said...

Big Congrats ...look forward to working with you

Rhonda V. said...

Just had to stop by and wish you a big HUGE congratulations!!! This is so very exciting!

Can't wait to see your creations!

Karen Taylor said...

Congrats! I am SO very excited to be working with you!

Kim Sonksen said...

I know how you feel! It's so funny that at my 9 to 5 I work with another Kim and to have you with me on Donna's team...how wicked, hu?

teacher jessy said...

Cheers to our first DT gig!! Lol. You gonna do awesome & glad we are in the same team :) Congrats!!

papertrails leaver said...

Congrats! That's great news! Cant wait to see your designs!