Sunday, April 03, 2011

Bored Sunday

I spent the morning cleaning and straightening, and doing laundry and have NO creative mojo in me so I thought I would do some blog hopping to gain some inspiration. 

I found this... post.. at Inspire Co....such sweet little baskets... and just in time for Easter or other Spring functions... may have to add it to my list to glitter and wrap a basket with some soft, silky seam binding... so pretty

Then I found this sweet little gem..... here  at Ree Drummonds blog... OH MY are those yummy... I suddenly am craving chocolate BIG time!!!  Love the Pioneer Woman

Lastly, I found this post with lots of other great linkies... lots of reading so grab a cup of your favorite drink and put up your feet.... Creative Blog  
Enjoy... and let me know what you think of these places, share your faves with me ;)

Happy Sunday


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