Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Couch ridden

I woke up Monday with a horrible cold and it just overcame me completely. It quickly turned into more flu like symptoms and knocked me out these last few days. Erin was off of school today and was trying to help me get Ryan ready for school (Even though she is 22 months younger than her brother, she is a great help as Ryan needs such one to one assistance with such simple matters)  She fell down onto a drawer that was left open and bruised her little coccyx (bum... tailbone) poor little girl... so we have Ryan who needs special assistance with EVERYTHING... a very ill momma and a baby girl scooting around with a sore behind and needs assistance standing, sitting... Oh my.. we are a mess!  lol

I am sharing some Easter cards today that will be showing in my ETSY shop a bit later... if I stay awake long enough to list them ... HA...

stay tuned ;)

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