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an ornament or decoration.
a fictitious addition, as to a factual statement.
Music .
ornament ( def. 8 ) .
the act of embellishing.
state of being embellished
I am a girl who loves to embellish!  When I saw these cute 4x4 inch clipboard covers by Zutter , my mind began dreaming up all sorts of creative ways to turn this simple but practical clipboard into a work of art.
I began by covering the wood panel with a creamy paint stick . I used Faber Castell's gelatos in white. You can also paint it or use pastels, crayons, etc.
Next, I spritzed over the white lightly with Smooch Spritz in Tea Party. 
Add another layer of the color and spritz again.. .this time spritzing more generous allowing it to run down, and leave streaks. Allowing some of the wood to show through and the spritz uneven gives it a distressed , aged look.
Once the clipboard is dry, I added some of Donna Salazars journal cards (trimmed to fit and distressed of course ;)  to the centers of the wood and adhere with Mod Podge or other strong liquid glue.
Run each clipboard through the Bind It all to create even holes. The greatest thing about the Bind It All is that you can use any size in the machine. I chose 4x4 but if you wanted to create a larger plaque or covers for an album you can adjust your Bind It all accordingly!
Punch the holes in the center of the clipboard.
Use your strong adhesive again to adhere the "unfinished" sides together... back to back so the panels become one thick clipboard piece.
Let the embellishing begin!  I tied various ribbons, threads and laces to each hole in the top, varying the lengths, textures and widths of the fabrics to give it a more eclectic look.
I used some 3 dimensional adhesive dots to add some flowers which I fussy cut from Donna's paper lines.
I added some transparency quotes I had from my collection. You can handwrite a quote, print one off the internet or cut one from Donna's Crafty Chronicle to add to the centers of the board.
Hang with wire, hanger or twine and embellish your home, office or art studio with a touch of handmade goodness! This would make a great gift too and super easy to make but don't tell the recipient that ;)
Here are some close up's and the finished project.
Gelato, paint sticks by Faber Castell
Smooch Spritz, by Clearsnap, Donna Salazar, Tea Party
Bind It All by Zutter
Pattern papers, Antiquities Journal Cards and Spring In Bloom In Bloom, Donna Salazar for GCD
Transparencies, Making Memories Clear Creations, Chelsea's Place
Ribbons, laces
Wire hangers, 7 gypsies
See ya next time ;)

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