Thursday, September 15, 2011

Foster Failure

We have begun the process of adopting a dog from a rescue and as I have been visiting their page and Facebook posts, I came across this term ... Foster Failure... lol I chuckled because even though I am not a dog foster... I know exactly what that term means.
I always have the best intentions with things I volunteer for. I have a hard time saying no to most people. I like to put people in the spotlight but shy away from any attention on myself... including my artwork etc and this makes it very difficult to be "noticed" in a very competitive industry.
Luckily, I enjoy everything about my life... being a mother is truly the best job I have ever had and still has the worst parts I have ever experienced. It truly has tested me as  person and yet I have grown the most and learned the most from my children.
I volunteer as  a Girl scout leader and after 5 years, now take care of membership for Barrington. We have 20 troops in our little town... with an average of 12 girls each.. .thats a lot of leaders, girls and forms... sometimes I wonder what Im thinking but then as I recruit and bring on a new leader and see her excitement and enthusiasm, it makes me smile and validates the work .

I try and get time to blog, post on Facebook, update my store and "just create" but being an art student takes all my creativity and I find I just don't have interest in the "other" stuff like I used to.
Its okay... as long as I still enjoy creating.. who says I have to share my work with the world?

I love that I would be a Foster Failure... as I look through those little faces of available dogs and hop around the shelters and other rescue groups... I want to save them all and know I cannot.  I will not allow it to get the best of me . Knowing that Foster Failures are the good ones that want to commit the extra love and support to another life truly warms my heart at the thought and I will take the label any day.



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