Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Puppy Update

Well, our little furbaby has been with us for over a week now. Not sure why I haven't blogged this sooner but I think I can say... I have been a bit busy ;) This is Dixie.

She is a litter of 7 pups that were surrendered to a high kill shelter in North Carolina. Thanks to amazing Rescues like  Save a Lab and New England Lab Rescue, we have a new family member and her brothers and sisters were all adopted!
They are a lab mix... two of them look a bit chow mix and two were maybe Golden but our Nala was pretty much all lab!
Now that she is home with us, I actually see a bit of terrier in her?  the perky ears and shape of her eyes.. .not to mention her sassy personality that she is developing.
So far, she is precious! Just so sweet, she loves loves to cuddle with us, is on my lap constantly and LOVES being held.
She is extremely curious about everything... always exploring and discovering something. I think if we would let her, she would spend life outside in the backyard. THis may be a bit complicated when winter comes! Ha
The kids are absolutely in love with her... well, we all are! Jon has more photos of her on his phone already than he does of me.. lol

She is pretty good, we are working on crate, housetraining and no biting. She started jumping up but does listen when we say "off".
She is good about sitting, coming when called (usually) lol and I think she knows her name.
She is chewing on everything so I spend most of the time just replacing her "non chewable" item with a chewing one... she does great chewing it afterwards... loves rawhides, bones and her stuffless skin raccoon... we call him "coonie" and he squeaks.. which drives her mad! lol Its hysterical to watch.
We have yet to hear her little voice. She doesnt bark but cocks her head at all the dogs in the neighborhood when they bark. Its very cute.
Only one night, she cried in the crate.. I even went back down to check that she didn't have her paw stuck or something because the rest of the time, she has been tolerating the crate fine.
She is typical lab though and I think once she is older, the crate will not be of use.
This is her with her foster mommy . She was an amazing woman who has saved so many precious doggies. Her big guy Maji is adorable and Dixie (Nala) treasured her like it was his own baby.. so so cute!
She is really teeny. I think she is around 10 weeks but pictures just don't describe just how little she is. Everyone that see's her says she looks like a lab in a Jack Russell body! LOL
We love her and I have taken a zillion pics already. I know who will be the subjects of my next few scrapbook albums! Ha

and Dixie :)

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