Monday, February 27, 2012


is not something I have ever taken for granted. I actually consider myself lucky that i grew up with a father that had experienced very hard times. I think it strengthened him in a way that no education or job experience could have. It carried down to my brother and myself and I will hopefully pass it down to my children. Work hard, for more than money, with little honor and recognition. I think, most American s live this way, actually. As an artist, I find it ironic that in some of my downest times ( I know, downest.. is not a word but this is my blog) I have created the most meaningful art. Art is something that is meant to be shared but NOT promoted. True artists know this. The problem is the business people get in the way and suddenly people who used to call themselves artists now face the reality of whether a piece will make money or sell a style. They focus on techniques or sharing "this is how you make this" type blog postings and all the product looks exactly the same on the market right now...  THAT IS NOT ART my friends. I feel so saddened that the scrapbook and paper craft industry has taken to a BUSINESS rather than an artform. I will not bend and mold to SELL and promote your products for nothing in return. I cannot call "working with your products" making art. It just isnt' especially when a suggested theme, color scheme, style and tools are given in order to create... That is a worker bee.  I have spent years doing this. Then they wonder why the industry is falling... because only really artistic people stay with something this long. Everyone trying to get their product or name in the market ends up copying each other... and don't say its not true.. .try checking out a newly released scrapbook paper line right now and tell me that they DONT have chevron patterns or hexagons... even the paper itself.. double sided, catchy names on the strip at the bottom... BLEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I dare an artist out there.. and maybe it will be me to see it differently.  If I were to turn something like most of the companies  have presented at CHA  as a school assignment at Rhode Island School of Design( where I am currently taking college Fine Arts courses), they would laugh in my face and make me re do it. I would receive countless yet constructive and helpful critique. They want to see MY work.. not a copy of what they could create.  WHY don't the companies who produce the scrapbook products do the same? Because it is business.. NOT ART!

I was just recently told I would not be continuing with a Design Team . Instead of feeling sad or disappointed, I feel relief... I feel FREE.

.I will need to think about what I want as an artist. Who do I really want to represent. Design teams will NOT sell my paintings or get me more published. I no longer want to feel like someones puppeteer. I am an artist. I create my art the way I have been taught at school, guided from art mentors , studying the great masters and all mixed in with my OWN piece of it. Love, sweat and tears inside my work. Telling MY stories, sharing MY pictures. Teaching art is one thing, Putting on a show for art is another.
Representing someone else other than myself is doing injustice to me as an artist. Representing myself is freedom.

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