Sunday, April 22, 2012

Evolving artist

Once again... I find myself enjoying more mixed media and fine art than paper crafting lately. I still have been making cards like crazy, though, so don't fret. Scraps and cards will always be my hobby.
I wanted to share some of my paintings so far that I have completed for my Oil painting class this Spring.
Until last year, I had NEVER even picked up a paint brush, so I am rather happy with how quickly I have developed my skills. I love being able to use my eye in a new way.
First up is a basic still life.  I always love tightly zooming in on a composition and decided to only paint half of the jar. The one apple, I LOVE... the other needs a bit of work but I do love the blends of colors , the unique textured background and the simplicity of the piece...
Oil takes forever to dry and I hurried up and photographed them so I could turn them in for critique . I will try and photograph it better after awhile of air drying...

The second painting I did was another sill life. Playing around with another offset composition. The lamp in my living room is always fun to draw.
This homework study was to play around showing texture and lighting. I loved the brushstrokes on this.
Both paintings were done in several layers using various brushes, strokes and mixes of colors. I love simple subjects with messy brushstrokes and imperfect lines. Since these were only homwork assignments, I painted these on inexpensive canvas. Makes it much harder as it shows EVERYTHING! For my final projects, I will be stretching my own canvas for sure.
Just thought it would be fun to take you on my journey and let you see how I grow as an artist.

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