Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Handmade Backgrounds

AS I wandered through my collection of layouts, cards and projects, I noticed that I do quite a bit of patterned paper layering. I love love love pattern papers. I love to issue challenges to myself and One thing I wanted to play around with is my background stamps and creating handmade backgrounds without using pattern paper .
I sat down to try and change it up.

Originally, I had made this tag set

I created a card using paper I painted from an art journal page with some pattern paper behind it and some spritzed corrugated board.

and another one... notice I started doing more and more layering as I begun to feel more comfortable with it all....

The entire back surface is hand painted paper, with inked and stamped elements and a handwritten sentiment.. gulp!

Then, I made these two layouts using stamps and other original backgrounds (and barely any pattern paper)

I still really really love my pattern paper but I am glad I did this. Not only does it give me the ability to use up my background stamps and paints, I create unique backgrounds and patterns while doing so.
Have you tried anything new lately? Would love to hear any "self challenges" you find yourself doing.


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