Tuesday, December 31, 2013


One Little Word.  I have been playing along with Ali Edwards One Little Word Concept since 2006... hard to believe it has been that many years.
The idea is to choose a word... or let the word choose you... that you will focus on... live with... reflect on, let guide you and direct you....She has a great posting on her blog about her experience.
I do this instead of resolutions or setting a million little goals for myself that always seem overwhelming... For whatever reason... choosing and dwelling on one word is amazingly inspiring for me and really works.
Some years, it has changed my life drastically and other years... its been a subtle reminder working in the background of my life... and one year, I admit..   I forgot the word altogether!
Some of my past words have been dream, integrate, vision, soar, discover, accept and sense.
For 2014, I look forward to many changes, twists, turns and happy events that come with life. Jon will be promoted to Rescue Captain of his Fire Dept.... I am graduating with a Certificate from Rhode Island School of Design in Drawing and Painting Studies.... Erin continues on the National Fencing Team and finally we will be making decisions regarding Ryan's high school (until age 21) school placement.... So many things... so many directions... taking it all in ...
but instead of getting stressed, I have decided to look forward to the lights/colors/images that lay in front of us altogether.... so my 2014 word is


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Got Style

My pinterest board Got Style is made up of some of my favorite fashion and design trends I have come across on the internet.
You can check out my my Pinterest boards boards here
This board includes items of interest I wear, want to wear or just plain admire... I also share favorite jewelry, handbags, scarves, hairstyles, makeup, shoes, clothes... etc... for women and men... Its kind of a lifestyle Pin Board...

I recently found these great sites for shopping and wanted to share the links here... They are great, in my opinion, because they offer a huge range of styles, prices and items...

A new favorite Maple and West
Nothing but really great handbags... Mostly designer but great for investing in that one, well made,  great leather tote kind of place...  

Another new favorite is   To Adorn  They show daily deals of beautiful Handcrafted items and the prices are just amazingly reasonable.
I love just browsing through the pictures and "shopping" for ideas for gifts or because the prices are so low... finding goodies for myself.
Another overall favorite site (and one that makes me wish I was rich!) is One Kings Lane.
They have a ton of household items, and new or gently used looking vintage or yard sale finds and are unique and very classy . Like this adorable denim throw pillow
or this gorgeous display rack... which I WISH I had room in my art studio for... sigh!
Now that I am drooling and fighting not to grab my credit card and go on a spending spree, I will leave you today...
Hope you all find something inspiring about these places and Happy Shopping!
Just don't tell your husband that I sent you ... shhh ;)

Friday, August 02, 2013

Remember me...

Im still here... and I have some great changes upcoming for this little bloggy thing here.
I have scheduled several "new" posts to appear and cannot wait to do this more regularly.
I seem to have more time in my schedule to sit and type and share what I am discovering with you all... and so I am excited to make this little blog  my own personal diary of my life... including all aspects of "me".
I will be doing posts on artwork, featured designers, great books I like to read, exercise and diet, photography, great apps, places we go, home organization, autism, girl scouts, crafts, you name it.
If I do it and live it... I would like to share it.
Look out for the upcoming and made over blog soon....
Until then... Here are some fun links I have bookmarked that I refer to when gaining inspiration and advice on how to stay organized.
Hope you like them and let me know what you think.

http://home.yourway.net/10-things-to-do-everyday-to-stay-organized/  This is such a great site. Even though this article is from 2011 , I still refer to this simple set of tips.
http://www.scoutiegirl.com/2011/04/dont-pile-it-on-prioritize.html  I pretty much love everything from Scoutie girl....
and this new site I just recently discovered.... she has some great posts.
http://unclutteredlifestyle.blogspot.com/p/organizing.html  Who doesn't want to live uncluttered?
and If I haven't already mentioned before... here is a link to one of my favorite "organizational" products out there... I seriously have been blessed by having this on so many occasions.
It is a Life saver for everyone... and little ... and make great gifts... I keep one in my car!
http://inapikle.com/  The best thing is you can order the entire "starter kit" for under 30 bucks!!
Then, just replace the individual items you use more often... or add some empties and add your own stuff to it ;)
Changes are happening... can you feel it?
Be back soon for a regularly scheduled post.... something for everyone from Inside My Head

Friday, June 21, 2013

A few cards

This time of the year is like a time of renewal. I purge supplies, take inventory and just generally get caught up... Ilove summer   and last weekend while camping I knocked out my supplies I had been hoarding and came up with these few cards..
Three very different type of cards with an eclectic mix of products... Kind of like me I suppose...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Autism Awareness

April is Autism Awareness Month... but technically, everyday is Autism Awareness month in our house.
This year, I have decided to create positive posts during April mainly on Facebook that links and shares to active groups that support Autism.
Lighting blue lights is impressive and pretty but I ask for more for my son. Im just afraid its too easy for some to wear blue or change a light bulb and then forget about the thousands of families affected by Autism every day... including ours.

Above is the pic of Ryan and Erin on the walk last year for Autism Project RI . We had a wonderful time and were very tired!!  We spent the rest of the afternoon having a picnic and listening to music, painting faces, eating cotton candy... Its a great family day.
Our local groups are amazing. They are run by volunteers and mainly parents and grandparents of kids on the spectrum. They have  turned their day to day jobs into these consumer advocacy groups offering families support, fundraising and trainings. It amazes and humbles me that they do this for no or little money.

Autism Project RI
 This is the group founded by my friend Joann Quinn. Her son was obsessed with Blue's clues at a young age like Ryan. He is a grown teen now and so lovely.
She has taken this small organization and helped it grow and change to offer all the karate classes Ryan takes and the social groups.
They have an annual walk coming up this April... The link will take you to their homepage... amazing stuff and have many tools and supports for families and individuals on the spectrum with amazing staff...
Every year, they run a summer camp for the kids that is totally "normal" summer camp activities but with a one to one ratio and TONS of visuals, schedules and support for our kids... great sensory experience!!

Community Autism Resources
This is the Massachusetts group that is amazing. My supervisor (and good friend ) Jan Randall is the resource specialist there and I learn SO MUCH about what is going on in the community and how to function with my son etc from them...
They offer great programs like the ASD symposium which is a wonderful learning conference and opportunity to learn from great people in the "business" of Autism.
They area also the group that puts on the Parent Retreat that Jon and I attended back in Feb... It truly is an amazing overnight escape especially since so many of us just don't get the opportunity to get away.. this gives us parents a great excuse to take one night and focus on us as a couple, to strengthen our friendship and surround ourselves with other people who just "get it".
Jon and I would have friends if we could see these people all the time... Sadly, so many of us are so busy the retreat is our only reprieve... so I'll take it!

Two great organizations I like to promote and help. If you are ever looking for a way to help , find a group in your area like the two above to donate time, money etc to as the families directly benefit from their services...
Thanks to everyone who has reached out and made a difference by focusing on Autism this month in some way... from lighting it blue to donating time or services to a family in need or an organization... every bit helps...
Kim Faucher

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Even when I am the most disconnected from the world, I make time to sketch and doodle. I have been out of school for a two month break and barely did any painting in large scale.. I am catching up on my crafts though and paint frequently and expressively through that.
Wanted to share some of my random sketchiness .
Sometimes I just get the ideas down in pen or pencil... Sometimes I use watercolor and at times my sketches are more like complete works of art... Random keeps it fun.... I shared some photos here to show you just how eclectic my style is but more importantly that there is no right way to sketch...
Getting the ideas down is all that matters and the style, how often, where you sketch or what supplies you use is completely up to you.... Dont let those things get in the way of doodling and sketching... It is the artists version of recess... Free play ... Dont critique or judge just do and not only will you be a better artist for it but also it has the ability to reduce stress, put you in tune with an inner spirit, capture lost mojos etc...
I would love if you shared some of your favorite sketching/doodling sites artists as I am always looking to share inspiration... And I would LOVE to have you link doodles sketches marks here for me to see, love and admire!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy heart day!!!!

I was packing Erins lunch when I saw this bitty heart shaped space in her bagel crisp.....
Guess it proves that love is everywhere when you pay attention . Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I wonder

If there are any blog awards for being the most neglectful blogger?
So sorry... I miss it actually... Jumping between Facebook , Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Polyvore makes a girl forget where I have last posted!!!
This is my special place though... The place that is all mine and where I feel the most myself, quiet, alone as I prefer...
I will share the obligatory latest art creation pictures for visual interest and promise I will return very shortly with se news, more art and music talk...