Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Farewell and Goodnight

to 2 Peas in a Bucket. As I write this... they are sweeping up the Pub... tending the Garden, letting go of the forums and discarding the Gallery.
2 Peas in a Bucket... also known to us scrapbookers as just 2 peas... has closed up shop.

Once, a thriving, trend-setting, store, forum, gallery and overall community of crafters, card makers, photographers and scrapbookers.
But for some of us.. it was that and more.

I became a member in 2005 when my art and design "career" really began. Finding 2 peas and becoming a member and sharing my little projects online to the public.... It shifted the way I created art. Until then, I used to create some things.. people around me saying "oh pretty" or "you are so talented" sort of rolling my eyes at the comments since they were good friends and family members.
Posting and sharing with a group of like minded and seriously TALENTED artists was a whole other thing!
The first peaks of compliments, critiques and guided advice was what has carried me as an artitst today. It made the sting of criticism palatable for my future fine art critiques at Rhode Island School of Design later on.
Having 2 peas was not just about sharing my pages..., it was sharing my soul, my family stories, my beliefs, my customs.
I have truly made some of the greatest friends from around the world through 2 Peas. I really cannot say that about Facebook or any other social media site today. It wasn't just the art. There was something magical and safe about 2 peas that took us through so many of life's events... death's in the family, miscarriages, weddings and separations, graduations..job loss, new jobs, pets and aging parents... We shared recipes (there was an entire forum thread with crock pot recipes which allowed us more time to scrapbook!) Kids went from toothless toddlers in wading pools, to trying out for Olympic Swim teams in front of my eyes through your scrapbook pages. I feel as if I know so many members of your families and you know mine. My story. I still marvel at how I can walk into a craft show or scrapbook store and there is always someone that recognizes me.. either my profile picture or my name kimosabescraps... all because of 2 peas. I was a part of something great to be a part of 2 peas.
Many of us went on to open businesses, start photography, raise our kids, go back to school, try new artforms or leave art all together.
We were an eclectic group of people. Made up of every age from 13- 103.. mainly women but several regular posting males as well. We had our own set of lingo... pui'ing... pull up a bar stool, NSD, NSBR, DD or DS and endless more.( I think there is a Facebook group that has it all written down for those interested.) 2 peas educated me.. I learned of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest before these places were available to everyone... learned how to write and publish a blog, create a web page.. edit a photo, learned Photoshop, created a studio, how to run a Etsy store and so much more!
We came from all walks of life, lawyers, bankers, doctors, scientists, Girl Scouts,bikers, CEO's, SAHM's, students, managers, and we even had a Judge! I have made friends in almost every country .
Many of us were "noticed" here on 2 peas... either art being picked up or published in magazines or asked to be on a Design team .
There were even some famous "trolls' Every group has to have someone to stir the pot!
When Facebook became popular, I admit to heading over there and being there exclusively... most of the 500+ friends I havethere are actually from 2 peas and the scrapbooking communities so I only made time to frequent the one place which also included family and real life acquiantances... but I missed 2 peas. created a tool to transfer your 2 peas gallery over to their gallery... Very valuable as it kept all the original dating and labeling from 2 peas... (important for publication, etc)
You can check out my gallery here: Gallery at
I haven't posted anything there for at least 3 years since I was finishing up Art School .. but for sentimentalist sake, (if that is not such a thing, I'm sure one of my English teacher Peas will correct me), I am revisiting my work... remembering every challenge,every posting, every group thread, every online class, the photos, the stories, the frustration, the disappointment, but mostly, the  many, many laughs we had over at 2 peas...
To all of you , whom I met over at 2 peas... I will forever be changed by the wonderful community that was created over there and I hope to continue that as we grow, change and move on with our lives.
Thank you 2 Peas for all the wonderful years, the memories and the friendship.. Godspeed!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


As a request from a fan who shall remain anonymous, i am posting today.
I avoid my blog because I feel like I have nothing important to say.
I overthink things and feel like everything needs to read as catchy and fake as Facebook... But it can't... Because it is not who I am.
So I am showing up today... Posting... With nothing brilliant to share or artfully worded.
Here I am. 
It is liberating to just be present without trying to always impress.
Living simpler, deliberate.
Maybe next time I will be poetic.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sketching sites

Today I would like to share some links to my favorite sketch places I hop over to now and again (online)
There are several groups and pages I read and that inspire me and thought I would share with you all.
Most people I know in real life (not online) draw, sketch and paint but I am always so surprised to discover how many do NOT visit online places.
Maybe that is why they are filling up more sketchbooks then me! Ha. but I need to see the visual diaries as inspirational launching pads... I am not really a true sketch artist. 
I rarely sketch other than doodling.. I love doodling and do this quite a bit and everywhere! 
I can be such a perfectionist that I allow my feelings to get in the way of just having fun and sketching.
Observational drawing is so important to artists as we have to STOP and really take it all in... live in the experience of it. It gives us the chance to capture the moment, noticing shapes, patterns and light...all things that we tend to overlook when photographing or taking notes on the place alone... sketches include all of it as well as an artist's interpretation... which sometimes varies from person to person thus making it unique artwork.

Urban Sketchers is an International community of artists that value the art of drawing on location. They specialize in forming groups and gatherings and sharing parts of the world through sketches. What started as a fun Flikr group to share art has become a Global grass roots organization that serves worldwide. In addition, they hold workshops, conferences, local groups and meet ups and have also published a book.
If you love to sketch, or even just love to travel... this is a wonderful blog to peruse... I bet you spend quite a bit of time getting lost here! 

Sketching In Nature  is one of my favorite places to start when I am trying to get inspiration to build a next series of drawings or paintings. I am tied to Nature and all she has to teach us as human beings and this blog includes unique takes on what can sometimes become ordinary or blah subject matter. I love the little lessons on the objects and landscapes as they sketch too... shows a true appreciation for Nature and all her beauty. This blog has also linked several other artists that contribute and links to other interesting sketch sites as well as Nature conservancy information and relevant places to visit.
They have also published several books.

Sketchbook Project  This is a site I found through a Urban Sketcher that I admire, Alisa Duke  who is a well rounded participant on many of the drawing challenges that post online. Her drawings are wonderful and the Sketchbook Project is like a musical concert tour but for sketchbooks and I love the idea of seeing the places and subjects people have documented in these books!

Finally, I had to include the infamous The Sketchbook Challenge The hosts of this blog are my favorite artists. From mixed media mavens to watercolor women and everything in the art genre and in between... these artists have a wealth of experience and inspiration and I always spend waaaayyy too much time browsing all that they have to offer...

Hope you all have fun checking these places out and that it inspires you to draw or doodle and if you would like to share... please do.. leave me a comment I always like to see who is stopping by.

Soon I will be back with a big artsy giveaway so check back soon!
Tropical flowers, ink and pencil on watercolor paper, kim faucher