Friday, June 29, 2007

vacation time at our house

is full of fun things.... we went to the Providence childrens museum yesterday... got some very cute pics...

today we watched the new movie on opening day.... Ratatoullie .....very cute.... Ryan continues to amaze me with what he can do sometimes... he sat pretty good... only stood up one time and talked ever time he wanted something (lol ) but luckily in kids movies they are so full of chattie little ones it didn't matter....
he and Mia were both scared at a few VERY loud parts.... I swear those two should get married....they are so much alike! hee hee....

back tomorrow with pics and more cards and layouts!
happy weekend everyone!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ribbon Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

couldn't resist and did one quick card..... enjoy...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

how fun is this????

the latest challenge for a muse a palooza (yeah, you didn't think i'd forget about this would you?)
is to use ribbon!!!!!!!!!!! my favorite thing in the world... I can't have enough... and yet... some people would probably tell me.... I have too much! lol
so excited to begin this chalelnge...

don't think i"ll do 28 cards like one gal did last week.... but I will be doing a bunch !!!!!!!!!!

check it all out here...


got the best sunburn

okay, not really the best... but it is starting to feel like summer... we spent the entire day at the beach yesterday...

the one and only day this summer that Jon will actually be off All DAY!

took no photos just enjoyed and played and got burnt! lol

spend today just relaxing, taking a nice slow day love how summer allows us to just chill, vg, relax....we even brought in a caterpillar and made a home for it in her butterfly net... gave it some leaves, grass, dirt, rocks , twigs. and it feels like home!

did these cards for the various card blogs... love those challenges!

so motivated by this Toby line from Love Elsie... her stuff rocks! You don't even have to think.. it just goes together perfect!

have a good hump day....

Monday, June 25, 2007

wanted to post this layout

even though its not January I'm setting some goals! Never too early to start a good thing!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

feeling better....

tonight so I did this card for Melissa Phillips blog challenge

be back tomorrow with more a muse news!



latest round of cards...

and thats all i've done this week... I caught a cruddy sinus type thingy and soo soo run down... mile fever, fatigue... ahhh the usual ... love my chronic fatigue abilities... if it was a super power I'd be fatigue girl and get to sleep all the time in order to save the world... (okay , maybe the allergy medicine is kicking in) any hoo...

here is the round for this weeks challenge to celebrate anything other than the usual.... would have had much more fun with this if I was in any mood to celebrate! lol
all my stamps are from a muse.... only two more weeks to amuse a palooza... it should be so fun... check out to see if your store is hostin this... I may be headed to the cape as the local store isn't participating (which really surprises me!) I may have to make a Bella art trip to buy some stamps anyway!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

just sitting here....

enjoying the last 45 minutes of true quiet I will have for the rest of the summer....!
so excited for all the fun things we get to do but mommies sanity will be tested greatly! lol

waiting, sitting, doing NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! and it feels good!


HOpe you all take 5 today and just do nothing!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

summer..... ahhhh

iced coffees, surfers, sandy knees, wicked tan lines, car rides to the drive ins... late nights, fireflies...
just beginning... love it!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


to daddy.... all the daddies out there!!!!!!! Even though I know my daddy won't read this cause he's afraid of going online and pressing a wrong button or something! lol cute little daddy... HOpe all the FAthers have a wonderful day... sit in their favorite chairs, remote by their sides... don't mow the lawn or fix anything... okay? Just relax, have a beer and watch anything you want on tv.... do a crossword puzzle... read the whole newspaper... just enjoy...

We are headed down to the Fauchers for a cook out.... (which isn't really fair considering that the dads usually do the cookout! lol) but its all good... papa just loves having the family all together!

Have a wonderful day all!


Saturday, June 16, 2007

I have glitter everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and since this week we had to make our cards sparkle... its pretty fitting... the next

challenge for a museapalooza is to glitter up, sparkle and make em shine...

hope you likey!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

patiently waiting....for challg 6

over half way through of a muse a palooza... having too much fun and doing more stamping now then I ever have....

check it out!

then check out their blog for all the info....
still lots of fun to be had!


Im always humbled....

after I pay my bills.... makes me want to be a better person... lol spend less and streamline my life... off to clean...

Monday, June 11, 2007

been having soooo much fun ....

as a cardmaker... didn't want you all to think I forgot about scrapbooking....

Here are some layouts using the awesome new IT kit studio kits... that are already sold out!


Saturday, June 09, 2007

heating things up.....

this week for the next challenge of a muse a palooza!

Its hard to see in the pictures but I did emboss them using clear powder and colored pigment inks. I also added some ultra pearls over the flowers for some gloss and sheen...

the blue card is stamped with versamark and then heat set repeatedly to form a subtle background

The image is just heat embossed...

Fun stuff... its been forever since I used that gun...!

enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

more cards....

for a few different blogs and of course using a muse stamps!

The first two are from sketch this blog....
sketches 15 (blue card) and second one is sketch 14... thanks Janelle for such great sketches!
The third card is based on a design from Card POsitioning systems blog... supa talented ladies over there too... thanks for the fun design...
The last card (but not least) is my favorite for CAARDVARKS blog... this weeks challenge is to use 3 different kinds of pattern paper... I used Making Memories, kraft/ Chatterbox/dot and Collage Press and K and Co green and stripe!

lots going on at .....

check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

creatively having fun

laTELY... making my creativity journal (finally finishing it...) some pics are here... the rest are in my gallery over at 2 peas (link under my pic! lol)

I guesses that tricky Jenn was the holder of the prize and I guessed right... from amuse a palooza squares... so I"m off to round two....

making plans for challenge 6 which is up on the blog peeps....

Here are some cards I did with my stash of stuff I ordered.... and I just found out I won a few stamps and some notecards just for commenting on Amy (guest design team) cards... how easy was that?!


a muse



Tuesday, June 05, 2007

patiently waiting for .....

challenge 6 to be posted over at

a muse a palooza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep checking.... I made some cards with my new stamps... fun stuff... I could spend all day doing it! lol had to cut me off and finish laundry and make dinner for my family.. darn... lol

Sunday, June 03, 2007

had a busy weekend

and I forgot to charge my batteries in the camera!!!!! darn....

a bridging ceremony for Daisys who are now Brownies... so cute... they worked very hard!

and then to the school carnival... super hot but lots of laughing, lots of fun.... Nicco won a cake but it was so hot , by the time it got to the house, it had melted and looked, well, not well! lol

got my a muse stamps and did a stamping night .... will have fun this week with challenges and catching up with scrapping... lots to do...


Friday, June 01, 2007

how bout some scenerY?

for challenge 5 we were asked to create some cards with scenery... (considering I only own like 10 a muse stamps) I created these little guys....

stay tuned for more .... I just placed a HUGE order of a muse stamps.... and I had some fun putting together a few notebooks, altering fronts and adding my lifetime collection of inspiring things to it!
will post it this to check out June newsletters, kits and galleries... (love the first of the month!) :)