Monday, July 30, 2007

so we had this fun little thread....

going over at ScrapTalk... and I thought I'd put my answers here since I"m not tagged that often...

1.what do you do all day?
I laugh everytime someone asks this question... its more like what don't I do... lets see.... kids, laundry, house, grocery, meals, cleaning up alot, emails, bills, more laundry, kids activities, cleaning up again... scrapping, shopping, playing,Ryans schedule etc, more laundry.. more meals... tv at night and if I"m not passed out.. I stay up and scrap

where do you work and live?I live in Barrington Rhode Island... ( I am now a true New ENglander..) originally from California and we also lived in Arizona and Texas)Before Kids, I was a Store Manager for GAp and Old Navy... at the height of my career I had 7 assistant managers and a staff of 100 that reported to me.. (now I can't get 1 husband and two kids to listen! )

how many kids do yo have running around or do yo have none?2 kids, 1 husband (sometimes I count him too! ) and a beagle named Getty

besides scrappin what else do you like to do?
I love playing with kids, going for walks, reading books, hanging out in book stores, shopping, organizing things, (Im a girl scout leader), living in nature... taking pictures..

what do you see your sellf doing in the next year or so?
kinda the same.. but this fall both kids will be in school full day so I"m thinking of taking some sewing classes or craft related job for the morning..I"m gonna get bored just taking care of the house... I'll probably volunteer at the schools too.I can't really work because my son has special needs and I need to be available to assist him the minute he gets home (and that is like a full time job.. he needs full time care!) Can't wait to get to know everyone else!
__________________My blog: insidemyhead

so if you are reading this.... reply to me so I can find out about you!


I stayed up way too late

this weekend and threw my back out (either from reading the last of Harry POtter... ( couldn't put it down) or cleaning the house... )
but I"m in some bad pain... I need to head out and be a few lumbar supports for around the house and some throw pillows for the couches...

I participated in a cyber crop over at one of my favorite sites Self Addressed and as usual Georgia, Jenn and the team over there always have the most exciting challenges ... I just love that site! and I did over 12 projects this weekend...
still finishing up two little mini albums too!

Off to the grocery with Erin today... and then home to do Erins laundry... (did I mention that we cleaned the house YESTERDAY! but with ERins room... 90% of her mess is dirty clothes... ugh! that girl ! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my nephew OWEN>>>>>>>
Love you little guy...cannot wait to see you in December!

Happy Monday...


I have an excuse....

as to why I haven't blogged in a while... and its perfectly understandable!!!!!! :)

this muggle has been obsessed with everything Harry and I"m almost done with the last book!

Be back soon...


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

the apple doesn't fall....

far from the tree.... Erin started Craft camp this week at Michaels... and can I tell you how bad it is that the instructors know me (regular customer! ) I should probably get a job there ! lol

She already made like 6 projects (pics to come later) and has three more days left... seriously fun for kids (and crafty mommies!)

I've been busy with Occupational and physical therapies for my myalgias... my spine is feeling stronger but i've been super dizzy... my PT did something today (literally put me in a head lock) and voila! don't feel dizzy anymore! lol warning:::::: DONT TRY IT AT HOME!

Finished my DT work for SCrapTalk.... we got to play around with the new BG Infuse line... I had this sad little pic of Erin ... very overwhelmed the night of her birthday... poor little chicky..
life can be hard sometimes!

more to come later...

Friday, July 20, 2007

these are the prizes ....

that you could win tomorrow.. (saturday ) at 8 pm in the PUb of Two Peas for CHA in spirit day...

don't let the fact that they are away stop you from play.....

Have fun all!


these are the prizes......

that you could win if you come play with us and participate in my challenges at 9 am (CHristmas in July challenge) over at Two peas in The PUb... (thread will be posted tomorrow, Saturday at 9 am)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2DaisiesDesigns is.....

a very fun company that is debuting some new paper lines at CHA this weekend....

I had the pleasure of working with a few papers from their RELATED line to create a few layouts, cards and decorate this awesome WORD BlOOM book titled friends.... ( The letters are pre cut and shaped ... they have many different words already and coming out with more everyday!

check out their website and soon everything will be up and running...

Enjoy my creations... more of the pages of the Word Bloom album can be found in my 2 peas gallery ( link under my picture)


Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Very Happy Birthday to you.....

my precious girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

having way too much fun...

with the family reunion this week... and laughing myself silly...... good times!
and yep! That is a pool in the garage!!!! rofl... my inlaws kill me!

Monday, July 09, 2007

my latest (and last) a muse

a palooza competition projects... had so much fun during this ambassador competition... even if i don't win, I have some wonderful projects to show and Lord knows Im still in love with a muse stamps and nothing is gonna stop me from being their number one ambassador..!
1. black and white-I made a little chipboard ornament that you could add to a gift...
2. I made this birdie tag for a bookmark or layout.

3. This "some days" layout is a dedicated page to my friend victoria who just keeps me laughing
Background is made with a muse stamp
4. This layout I stamped the little girl walking (going places)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Ryan was only home....

for 10days this time.. but wow, was I ready for him to head back.... we did alot of fun stuff and I always feel so bad that he has to go to school year round but I know how much he enjoys the structure (and needs it) and as many pics as I use, schedules I plan and places we go... being home is just not the environment that is easiest for him and it breaks my heart . I'm just glad that he enjoys doing both.... so Monday after he got on the bus... Erin and I did absolutely nothing together... watched a movie... played little people toys, and store (she thought my customer impressions were hysterical)
and its a great day of recovery and new routine... and Ryan did great back teachers said he is very happy and willing to participate....
Today, we (Ryan included) after school went into the pool and just vegged in the backyard... so nice...
and now the thunder is rumbling very loudly... love summer storms! so we are headed back inside and finishingsome laundry....
Tonight Ill scrap as I have some cards to make for a muse challenge (we are down to the wire!) and my Studio Calico kit came and It kit pay it forward kit came last week and I've been so busy I haven't had time to play... cannot wait!!!!!!!!!

Also, I finished up 7 new layouts for a big contest over at Lucky 7 contest... I can't post em here but you can head over there and check em out... Let me know what you think.... and keep your fingers crossed for me too! lol

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

awaiting challenge 10 for amuseapalooza!!!!

should be up soon... we are down to the wire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pretty soon we will get to see some new stamps

kim ;)