Saturday, September 29, 2007

been a long time

since I posted.... we had a very busy week, promotion ceremony for Jon, soccer games, photos, new puppy at the Palmisano's, Brownies, more soccer... etc..

I haven't scrapped in over a week. .... I'm in a slump, kinda feeling down and out lately.....
off to find some chocolate to make me feel better :)

A new month is on the horizon....
until then......


Monday, September 24, 2007

remember this????

paper from Basic Grey..... don't you think its about time I used it!!!!!!!!!! rofl...

Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hey there....

been awhile between posts... we survived Ryans dental surgery!!!! whew!!!!!!!! so glad its over...
he did fine in the pre op phase..... but only began fighting as they put the gas mask on him to sedate him.... he fell right to sleep and Jon joined me out in the wait room.... where we waited for almost 3 hours.... I finished a couple sudoku puzzles, read a book and watched some tv Jon did computer researching medical info... lol while we waited.....
we were surprised that he had awoken with neither of us there and of course, came to wake, kicking and screaming the way he went in to the surgery.... (no surprise to us, but of course, to untrained medical staff.... ugh!)
anyoo... Jon walked down to watch 6 people having to restrain him... see how strong I am??
and once he was in Jon's arms, calmed a bit....
the sweet little receptionist at the desk said that I can just go on in.... no need to sit there and bite my nails (which I was doing to keep busy!) so when I got there... there were two nurses sitting there trying to take his blood pressure... poor baby... looked exhausted...
the main problem of his was that darn IV... they were stopping it.. trying to finish the bag and take vitals...HE WAS NOT HAPPY WITH IT IN HIS ARM>>> but we sat there together... rocking and looking at new books, toys I had brought with.... he seemed much happier with just JOn and I there and once Iv was out... very groggy but more himself....
that day was so sad because when we got home.... Mia came over for an hour so Sam and Victoria could go put down Buddy... the gorgeous friend black lab.... I don't think I could cry any more that day....
That was Friday...

Saturday was much better.... Erin had her soccer game scored three goals... had a great save and a great pass they are getting much stronger... go Saturn!... Nana and Papa came to watch.... we took Ryan , brought a social story about sitting at a soccer game, snacks, books and a chair... wow, what a difference those pictures make for his understanding!
We invited them back to the house for lunch and a wonderful apple cranberry pie my neighbor had brought us for watching their cat... really wonderful pie!

Sunday, today... poor jon is at work today, tonight OT and his normal day shift tomorrow.... so I caught up on laundry.... worked on getting his appetite up and let them rest... dress up and be kids...
Erin read her first book today... all the way through... so proud of her !
Other than Ryan coming to check to make sure Im there every 15 minutes... poor sweetie... he is doing well and I"m sure will be ready to go back to school tomorrow for some routine!
Will post some layouts and cards I've been doing soon... stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What to do with .....

all the random pictures...????

make a little album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I swear.....random thoughts....

I am busier now, than I was during summer with two kids home... if that is possible.... my lists are super long... so I've been sneaking in an extra 15 minutes for naps here and there...

lots today....

did a few layouts... still doing the Shimelle everyday class and logging /making a page of a lesson I learned every day... loving that!

we got a new printer... so great... and so nice to NOT have to shut down the computer each time I print something! lol

laundry is caught up (almost!) and I just have to clean our bedroom (ongoing)

allergies are horrible... Jon is recovering from a HORRIBLE sinus infection... he was in alot of pain!

We are preparing for Ryans dental surgery on the 21st...

Budget is great... on track for the month... this is very very tough but sooooo worth it! I will be feeling happy on Oct 1st as a fresh month starts!

Taking care of The Violets cat Chloe this week... so super cute... and since we cannot have a cat with our allergies, etc... we get to go play, visit, feed, etc... and then come home ! lol Good for ERin

Erin is doing soccer so cute... Jon is assistant coach...Love that he is involved.. good for them!

Missing mom soooooooooooooooooo much lately... my sadness comes and goes... but lately it has stuck with me alot... wishing I could watch Johnny Carson or Letterman and just listen to her crack up... I miss her laughing... it was so fun and contagious... need to find some people out here who can make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!

think I"m headed to the book store one of these days to just sit, have a coffee and find some books that I need to read to make me think differently.. feel like buying some inspiration through books..

Excited for October... its very chilly at nights here and my neighbor brought over a Bread pudding this morning as they are leaving for vacation and wanted to use up some stuff... well... can I just tell you how wonderful the smell of the house is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my ... cinnamon, raisins, warmth.... feels good... I had to sneaka taste.. can't wait for tonight!!!! lol sooo yummmy

I leave with peace in my heart today... and the allergy medicine is kicking in so I'm off for a cat nap! lol



Tuesday, September 11, 2007

shhhh.... i have a secret!!!!!!!!!

Let me just say... its fun being the one in charge sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

the latest entries...

into my aam blog challenge journal... really am loving the art journal format... find myself becoming much more artistic!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How is it?????????????????

that my little chicks are now these big chickens?????? Man does time fly fast!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was Erins first day of 1st grade!!!!!!! She did great.. and looks toooo grown up in pictures.. I swear in real life my kids DONT look this grown up.... do they???????

Today Ryan went back....

I went to a pool session and came back to a very loving Getty greeting me at the door and just sat down in the QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommas needed this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Monday, September 03, 2007

here is what I"ve been doing

the first three days this month... love being in a school like mentality!

This is for Shimelles class (see my previous post for links)
Happy Labor Day... hope everyone gets some rest!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Learn something new every day

I m taking this class with Shimelle and I"m ready to get started.. I did the first days stuff last night and will post here later...

This September, I'm going back to school. In my own little world. I've got a book and a pen and I'm going to record what I learn from life. I believe I really can learn something new every day. I'll share what I'm learning in the form of pages from my book, posted right here on my blog.
I'm not alone: lots of crafty ladies are learning and recording right along with me. See their work here and here. Learn more about our project here.

Be back soon to share my stuff so far

Saturday, September 01, 2007

an awesome time...

at my neighbors party this afternoon....
They hired a band... had tons of neighbors, co workers... tons of food... a pool, everything was so well organized... this is their 10th Labor day bash in a row!!!!!!! Wow, so fun... such an amazing group of people... everyone loved Ryans, standing up , flapping and walking out in front of the band... so many people kept telling us ... don't leave because of him... he's enjoying it... but we never leave because of Ryan... he loves parties.. Jon had to work tonight and I never feel quite right staying at things like that without him... just as good because this is one tired momma! Erin bounced in the big moon bounce thing and saw a few classmates .
We have alot to do to get ready for school this Tuesday... lots of laundry and rest!

On a scrappy note, I am committed to participating in Bad Girls kits Top Designer contest, the Last Scrapper STanding for the DAres and a few monthly ones to keep me busy from thinking about that the kids are in school full day and I need something to occupy myself.

Time to take it easy and rest.... have a wonderful night everyone...